Parmiago at the Sunday Kansas City City Market

Join Just Enough Heat and other local vendors at the Sunday Kansas City City Market:

Kansas City City Market
Head to the Sunday Kansas City City Market at the River Market on to get an opportunity to taste Just Enough Heat’s Parmiago for yourself.  The Kansas City City Market is located at 5th & Walnut in downtown Kansas City.  Just Enough Heat will be sampling their Parmiago Cheese Spread most Sunday Mornings.  Parmiago is available in 3 different flavors and heat levels.  Original Parmiago combines the flavors of Asaiago and Parmesan Cheese blended with garlic and herb infused extra virgin olive oil.  It is full of flavor, but not heat.  Smokey Parmiago combines the same cheeses with chipotle and herb infused extra virgin olive oil.  This flavorful spread has a smokey start with a slight spicy kick.  If you are looking for something real spicy try our Ghost Pepper Parmiago.  Ghost Pepper Parmiago is for heat lover’s only.  We take Original Parmiago and add a little Ghost Pepper to spice things up!  It is not so hot it will knock you out, but it adds Just Enough Heat to complement the other flavors as well as your food.  Taste all 3 at the Sunday Kansas City City Market.

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Peculiar Farmer's Market


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Enjoy Food Items, Baked Goods and Locally Grown Produce at the Kansas City City Market:

In addition to Parmiago, pick up some delicious pimento cheese, salsa, farm fresh, eggs, fruits and veggies!  For more information see the Kansas City City Market Website.